Dr Zhi Tan Hao
Wattle St Dental

Dr Zhi Tan Hao


  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Orthodontics
  • Cosmetic dentistry


RIPE GLOBAL Dr Lincoln Harris Deep Margins Masterclass – 1 hour
Patient communication – 6 hours
Occlusion simplified – 6 hours
Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning – 11 hours
Posterior dentistry – 12 hours
Dr Alina Ruzanova Beautiful and functional smile principals – 12 hours
Dr Michael Melkers Occlusion everyday practice – 12 hours
Dr Middaugas Kudelis Borders Technique Masterclass – 1 hour
Excellence in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics Dr Bill Hang A new orthodontic paradigm for a healthy immune system
Dr Roger Price Orthodontics – airway, past, present and future
Dr Nada Makki Karnib The impact of oral dysfunction on dentofacial development, speech and feeding
Dr Elina Castro Treating malocclusion in deciduous and early mixed dentition combined with OMT
Dr Tabitha Acret Preventive care for the orthodontic patient
Dr Derek Mahony Early correction of an anterior crossbite
How to prevent canine impaction
How to upright impacted molars
Prof Alka Banker Treatment in post retraction world
Dr Darron Goralsky Managing TMD and other orofacial pains, a modern physiotherapy perspective
Dr Damien Teo Sleep bruxism: building a bridge between sleep medicine and dentistry
Dr David Leinkram Orthognathic surgery for obstructive sleep apnea.
Dr David Mcintosh Evidence based ENT for managing upper airway obstruction
Dr Bobby Chhoker Education Institute Dr Bobby Chhoker Breakthrough Implant Bootcamp – 16 hours CPD
Biolase Dr Ben Curtis Pediatric Frenectomy Complications: Identifying, managing and avoiding

Ongoing CPD

  • Orthoed Institute mini residency post graduate diploma
  • Dental Sleep Institute
  • Single Implant crowns