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Gum recession and gingival graft

08/15/2018 08:49:33   In Our News  
recession, gum, graft, gingiva, natural toothpaste, dentist, sunshine coast, eumundi, noosa, cooroy
DId you know brushing too hard can damage your gum and your teeth? Gingiva graft can be a solution.

The secrets to optimal oral health from birth to beyond.

06/13/2018 23:41:27   In Our News  
holistic, dentist, biological, biocompatible, mercury, toxins
5 top secrets from your holistic dentist. The biological way of approach.

Wisdom teeth mythbusters!

01/17/2017 10:16:27   In Our News  
gentle, dental, wisdom teeth, twilight sedation, pain, cost, sunshine coast, noosa, cooroy, stem cell
Do you have burning questions about wisdom teeth? Pain? cost? Want to heal up faster? Looking for a dentist in Sunshine coast? Cooroy? Noosa Hinterla

8 reasons why you should come to Wattle Street Dental for your grinding, snoring and sleep problems.

11/25/2016 22:31:04   In Our News  
sleep, study, cooroy, sunshine coast, machine, tmj, headache, apnoea, noosa, grinding
Lots of people suffer from sleep problems, have TMJ problems, grind their teeth or suffer from headaches. We might have the answers for you.

ENT Facts by Associate Professor Dr David McIntosh- Paediatric and adult upper airway specialist

10/26/2016 09:10:38   In Our News  
dental care for your total wellbeing!, dentist, breathing, sunshine coast, noosa, grinding, mouth guard, sleep, guard, night
And why you should d something about it.

Hate going to the dentist? Now you can have dental work done while you sleep.

02/08/2016 22:14:06   In Our News  
sunshine coast, dentist, for kids, twilight, sedation, noosa, sleep, implants, phobia, conscious sedation
Twilight sedation in Noosa, Pomona, Cooroy, Yandina, Maroochydore, Buderim, Sunshine Coast, sleep dentistry. Dental phobia. Gentle dentist

The Tongue Was Involved, But What Was the Trouble?

01/20/2016 07:14:42   In Our News  
tongue tie, sunshine coast, lip tie, release, dentistry, noosa
Tongue Tie release. Lip tie release. Children,Toddler, Kids, Dentistry Sunshine Coast. Noosa

Christmas Newsletter

12/21/2015 09:30:19   In Our News  
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News, New technology, New dentist