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8 reasons why you should come to Wattle Street Dental for your grinding, snoring and sleep problems.

Get better results and get better sleep

Dr. Wei Shen

There are a lot of mouthguards or night guards in the market nowadays that you can purchase for sleep apnoea, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, teeth grinding and snoring in the Sunshine Coast area. However, did you know that because they are not professionally fitted to your mouth, they can make the problem worse in 50% of cases without patients realising it? That’s scary isn’t it?

Reason 1

1. TMJ disorder, grinding, headaches and sleep apnoea are generally very poorly taught at dental schools as there are a lot of other things to be learned within five years of education. Most dentists know how to take a mould of your teeth and make a guard, but it's not just about having plastic between your teeth so you don’t break them when you grind. It's also extremely important to prevent the airway collapsing when you sleep. The important thing is to put your jaw in an improved physiological position, and to keep the airway open, so that you can breathe clearly and have a better night’s sleep.  
Dr Wei was aware that like most dentists she knew very little about this topic, so she went on her journey of learning. To date, Dr Wei has completed thousands of professional development hours on the subject since graduation as she has family members that suffer from problems with TMJ disorder and sleep apnoea and finds the subject fascinating. Dr Wei is passionate about the subject and wants to provide the best for her patients.

Reason 2

We diagnose properly. Wattle Street Dental is a Sleep Services Australia Sleep Study Centre (http://www.sleepservices.com.au/sleep-study-centres/centre-locations/queensland ). We provide a comprehensive sleep study which is reviewed by a Sleep Physician and GP to diagnose and report the findings. We also examine the airway, the muscles and tendons of the head and neck area to rule out other causes of the sleep problem first. Did you know the reason that some people struggle with CPAP masks is because their noses are obstructed? Even though the CPAP machine is producing a lot of air pressure, often it’s not getting through the nasal cavity properly, so the air leaks everywhere and can cause discomfort. As a result, patients often stop wearing it and risk heart attacks in their sleep.
We don’t just look at your teeth and forget the rest of the body.  Grinding or snoring is a physiological response to something else that’s going on. If you just have a piece of plastic in your mouth that’s not well fitted for maximum physiological benefits, you might have protected teeth, but could end up with worse health outcomes. If you have been grinding or clenching for years and are prone to headaches, we need to relax your muscles first so your jaw is in a more comfortable position. Just imagine, if you break your arm, instead of just putting a cast on in the broken position, you need to reset the bone first in a good position before you put the splint on. It’s similar, if we just make a splint/ guard/ orthotic in your current tense position, it will not help the muscles to relax, and you might still have headaches and jaw pain after that.  We relax the muscles with low dose laser therapy, massage, TENS or other methods to relax your muscles. 

Reason 3

We provide a quote which includes ongoing reviews and adjustment, so there are no surprises.

Reason 4

We will conduct a three month review after issuing the night guard, and re-do the sleep screening test to make sure it is working perfectly for you and do any fine-tuning as necessary until it reaches a sweet spot. 

Reason 5

We are proud of our work. We provide a 1-3 year warranty for our appliances depending on the product. 

Reason 6

Dr Wei works with local ENTs, GPs, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Breathing Practitioners and Naturopaths, to ensure all factors are considered. If there are other issues to be addressed with airway structure, nutrition, or posture, Dr Wei will refer the patient to the relevant practitioners. 

Reason 7

We have options for payment plans available, so it means less time worrying about finances and more time to focus on what’s important.

Reason 8

Dr Wei and her staff are a friendly caring team right here. You don’t need any more reasons. We are based in Cooroy, in the Noosa Hinterland. Come and see us. :)