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Gum recession and gingival graft

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Dr. Wei Shen


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After Gingival Graft

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Gum recession and gingival graft

Do you know the long term consequence of gum recession? 

-- The roots of each tooth is only between 10-15mm long. If the gum keep receding. The tooth can get more sensitive, and sometimes the nerve can die from bacteria getting into the inside of the tooth. Eventually the tooth might even need root canal treatment or extraction. What if you can prevent all these? 

Did you know why gum recede? 

-- Sometimes it could be due to hard tooth brushing or abrasive toothbrushes ( yes, natural toothpaste can be abrasive too. )

How to prevent gum recession? 
-- Gentle brushing. 
-- Use non-abrasive tooth serum such as Dr Hisham's tooth serum. If your toothpaste top 3 ingredients include silica ( sand ) or bicarbonates, then it's probably too brasive to use daily.

Do you know we can do a procedure called gum grafting to grow some gum back and keep the barrier between the bacteria in your mouth and your body healthy and strong? 

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