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Hate going to the dentist? Now you can have dental work done while you sleep.

Introducing Twilight Sedation or Conscious Sedation

Dr. Wei Shen

Exciting news at the Wattle Street Dental. This is especially exciting for you scaredy cats out there.
You probably already know we have happy gas and oral sedation tablets. Now we are going up another level.
We are going to provide In House Intravenous Sedation very soon in Noosa Hinterland! It's safe, convenient, painless and best of all, it can be done in house at Wattle Street Dental. It can be used for fillings, extractions, implants, crowns and bridges and you won't even remember a thing afterwards.
IV sedation ( Twilight Sedation )  has distinct advantages over both oral sedation and general anaesthesia:
  -- Safe, it has an excellent safety record.
  -- Comfortable, amnesic effect - Produces a deep and satisfying sleep where you are unaware of the procedure, feel no pain and have no recollection of the procedure ( This is arguably the greatest advantage).
  -- Convenient - Can be done in the dental surgery without having to go to a hopsital.
  -- Versatile - Can sedate patients between 8 and 70 years of age in a private practice.
You can have it when you have fillings, extractions, implants, wisdom teeth extractions and other extensive dental procedures.
If you know some scaredy cats in Sunshine Coast, send them our way! We will take good care of them. 
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