The secrets to optimal oral health from birth to beyond. |

The secrets to optimal oral health from birth to beyond.

5 steps

Dr. Wei Shen

The secrets to optimal oral health from birth to beyond.

The secrets to optimal oral health from birth to beyond.

What are the secrets, you might ask? As you read the headline, you might be thinking the usual boring dentist stuff like fluoride, milk, cheese, no sugar etc. You are completely wrong. To achieve optimal dental health is so much more than that. Today I want to give you 5 main pointers on how to achieve optimal dental health from birth to beyond.

1, Motion. To achieve optimal oral health, you need to have good muscle functions in the mouth. I am talking about the non-restricted tongue, correct swallowing patterns, lips together while breathing and not using compensatory muscles while swallowing food or saliva. Tongue tie is actually very common among the general population and it is not picked up regularly as many mothers were recommended to use formula when encountering breastfeeding problems. Long-term breastfeeding in infants is linked not only better general health, it is also linked to the well developed wide jaw that can reduce the risk of needing braces.

2, Breathing. To achieve optimal oral health. You need to be able to breathe through the nose. When you mouth-breathe, your mouth dries out. Saliva acts as a lubricant but also a protector. It has lots of good antibodies that help to fight against bad bacteria. It also dilutes and neutralises the acid. If you breathe through your mouth, the saliva can dry out, and your teeth can be more prone to acid and sugar attacks. No matter how much fluoride you put on your teeth, you can still get decay regularly.

3, Nutrition. Vitamin D, K2, Zinc, Selenium and other trace minerals are very important for oral health. If you struggle to get everything from your diet, consider supplementation with good quality vitamin products.

4, Elimination of toxins. The toxins in our body and in our environment have an accumulative detrimental effect. Whether they will make you sick depends on a big range of factors such as genetics, gender, diet, the amount of exposure etc. We are very lucky that we live in a modern world that we have many options to choose less toxic and more biological and biocompatible material. Lots of people have old amalgam fillings in their mouth which contain almost 50% mercury. If you consider having them removed, you need to make sure it is removed properly with an air purifier, rubber dam, oxygen mask, facial shield etc so that you are properly protected.

5, Mindset. To have optimal oral health, you need to have a mindset to have optimal general health. It’s not simply slapping fluoride on your teeth and eat less sugar. It’s a lifestyle choice and you need to be fully committed.

If you can tick all the above 5 boxes, I want to congratulate you that you are truly on your journey to optimal oral health.

Your holistic dentist, Dr Wei Shen