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Wisdom teeth mythbusters!

Dr Wei Shen answers the burning questions you have been meaning to ask!

Dr. Wei Shen

People always have lots of questions about their wisdom teeth. So I thought I would make a blog post and answer a few common questions!  If you would like to make an appointment, give us a call on 5447 7669.

Q: Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth out?

A: The quick answer is no.

The long answer is it depends on the situation. If the wisdom teeth are not through the gum, they are not damaging the adjacent teeth, they are not causing any pain or pathology, so you can leave them in there. The risk is sometimes cysts and other pathology can develop around wisdom teeth that are stuck in the jaw bone. OPG (big xray of your jaw) every 3-5 years would be a good screening tool to check if they are still ok or not.

If you constantly get gum infections or pain from them, or they are causing decay or gum disease on the teeth next door, then they should be removed ASAP!

Q: Can I leave the wisdom teeth to be pulled out later?

A: Yes you can. However, the longer you leave them, the tougher and denser your bone can become around them, and the roots can get longer thus making surgery more difficult, and with more risk of complications. Complications can include nerve damage, jaw fracture, and more gum problems.

Q: How much would wisdom teeth extractions cost?

A: The cost would be between $200 and $500 dollars depending on the difficulty. We are able to give you a proper quote after comprehensive examination and looking at your x-ray. In some rare cases, we might need to order a 3D x-ray as well.

Q: Is it very painful?

A: During the procedure, we will make sure you are numb and don’t feel any pain. We also use a few tricks to reduce the swelling and pain, and most patients feel pretty good after 1-2 days.

If you ask your friends or family members, they will tell you you would be sore for weeks. However with the new medication and the stem cell technology we use, the pain will resolve within days.

The stem cell therapy involves taking a small tube of blood from your vein (around 7-9mL, very little compared to a 450mL blood donation). We put the blood in a special centrifuge and spin it for around 12 minutes. Then we take the stem cell (concentrated growth factor or CGF) part out of the tube and put it in the hole in your mouth where the tooth was and put a few sutures to hold it in. The stem cell therapy speeds up the healing and reduces pain by a significant amount and reduces the chance of complications such as dry socket and infections.

Dr Wei Shen is the first dentist on the Sunshine Coast to implement such technology to help patients.

Q: What if I am really really scared of dentists??

A: We understand some people can be very scared of dentists. That’s perfect normal, and we see scaredy cats all the time. Also, we are not judgemental. We are here as dentists to help you. 

We do have options of happy gas and twilight sedation. You can get them done right here at Wattle Street Dental in Cooroy, the heart of the Hinterland. And you don’t need to go into a hospital to get it done.

Happy gas will not put you to sleep but just make you feel a lot less anxious.

Twilight sedation can put you to sleep and you won’t remember a thing after.

Q: How much time should I take off work or study?

A: Ideally 2-3 days, if you want to you can take a whole week off.

Q: How do I take care of the area after wisdom tooth extraction?

A: No brushing on the first day. From the second day you can start warm salty water rinses. Don’t snack too much as little bits of food can get stuck and cause infection and pain. Have 3 meals a day and lots of liquid. No smoking or drinking alcohol. Icepack the area from the second day on. Icy poles and ice-creams can be good for the first few days as they cool the area and reduce the pain. Take pain killers every 4-6 hours if needed. Don’t wait until the pain comes back.

Q: Can I get dry socket? I heard it’s really painful.

A: Yes you can get dry socket if you smoke, drink alcohol or excessively clean that area. With the stem cell technology we use and proper home care, we can reduce the chance of dry socket to almost zero.

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Have we answered all your questions? If you have more questions or want to book in, give us a call on 07 5447 7669