Do you suck your thumb? By Rosi
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The following are commonly seen problems which are usually caused by thumb sucking:


  • Sickness – Hands & nails can harbour a lot of nasty bacteria. When fingers & thumbs are placed in the mouth, there is a higher chance of being exposed to harmful bacteria that can cause sickness.
  • Weak or overly strong mouth muscles – Depending on how forcefully your child sucks their thumb, the lips and tongue can be over exercised which puts pressure against the teeth. Or alternatively,  the mouth muscles become flaccid and weak and unable to support proper jaw growth.
  • Dental alignment issues – prolonged thumb/finger sucking can cause narrow jaws, top teeth that stick out, lower teeth that are pushed in or teeth that don’t meet when the teeth bite together (open bite).
  • Attachment to a favourite toy or blanket – Thumb sucking is self-soothing, difficult to stop and often has a psychological aspect. Children who suck their thumbs/fingers may even have a particular toy that aids the habit.

Are you:

  • Wanting to stop thumb sucking, but finding it hard to do?
  • Committed to giving the 4 week program your best effort?
  • Excited to allow your adult teeth to grow in the right position?


Then, our 4 week Thumb Sucking Program is for YOU!


The program works on positive reinforcements, muscle re-training and definitely no scary appliances!


Please note: Ceasing the thumb sucking habit is very important for aligning the teeth, but often children may also need early orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic treatment will help guide the teeth into the right position & correct bite issues to ensure there is enough room for adult teeth in the future.


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