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Dental Care for Your Total Wellbeing!

Dental Care for Your Total Well being!

We are holistic dentists  because we recommend the treatment that will be right for  your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly.
For example, when we are removing amalgam fillings we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. Then we use biocompatible ceramic material to fill the tooth with CADCAM technology (CEREC). We also work with naturopath and functional GPs if you need to detox before the amalgam fillings removal. 
We screen people for sleep issues as people with sleep isssues tend to have more problem with their teeth and general health. And there are thing we can do to help to achieve the optimal health.
We Assess kids see if their face and teeth are developing properly. And if they are not, we have holistic way to guide the growth for them to reach their epigenetic potential and live a healthy life. By the way, we are also certified Myobrace provider. Dr Wei has learnt myofunctional orthodontics and  early childhood inervention from Dr German Ramirez-Yanez and Dr John Flutter. 

It's the dentistry for you if you care about your total being. 

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