Anxious or worried about seeing a dentist? Gentle holistic dental care

Are anxious or worried about seeing a dentist

If you are anxious or worried about seeing a dentist because you haven’t been to one for ages and that you may get a hard time please don’t be. If you live in Cooroy, the hinterland, sunshine coast or Noosa area then your problems are over!

I found that there are three reasons that many people have misgivings about seeing a dentist. You may have them too so let me put your mind to rest.

Firstly, if you’re worried about pain… whilst obviously I can’t say there’ll never, ever be any pain I can tell you that many of our patients are amazed when the treatment’s finished and say, “But, I haven’t felt a thing!” And, if that doesn’t allay your fears, we have dreamy sedation techniques that mean time flies, you don’t feel a thing and don’t remember much either.

Secondly, if you’re worried that you may be embarrassed by what I find about your teeth then don’t be… I practice “blame-free dentistry”. I will listen to you without criticising or judging. There is no need to feel embarrassed about not having dental treatment done in the past or ignoring the recommendations of earlier dentists. I’m here to help you, not to make you feel bad. As well as working out what you want your teeth to be like, I know that taking the time and listening to your experiences and concerns about your previous dental visits will allow me to understand things better. 

Thirdly, if you’re worried about cost then please don’t be… I’m not the cheapest dentist, nor am I the most expensive. I aim to provide good value dentistry… the right treatment at the right price. I’d never do things on the cheap and compromise your dental care, nor would I do a Rolls Royce job when Commodore care is what’s needed. And, if you want to spread the treatment or the payments, that’s fine… we can arrange it.

Do it now!

If you’re in need of dental care, then don’t delay. I see many people who leave it until they are in desperate trouble which makes things worse because what was a little problem that could be easily fixed becomes a major one... the treatment needed becomes more extensive and expensive.

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