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Are embarrassed about your teeth?

If you’re in Cooroy, Noosa or anywhere in the hinterland or you are embarrassed about your teeth it may be for one of two reasons
Firstly , you are embarrassed because you haven’t been to a dentist for quite a while and you’re worried that the dentist may give you a hard time, or

Secondly, you are genuinely scared to smile, you hate having your photograph taken or showing your teeth because you are conscious of how they look and are really embarrassed by them.

You are not alone. Many people have not seen a dentist for many years because they have had bad experiences in the past or trouble getting numb. We understand. We help people just like you all the time. We'll listen to your concerns, make sure you're completely numb, and treat you with compassion and respect.

Almost every day we see people who have hated their smile and have refused point blank to have their photograph taken or be in any situation where people may see their teeth. Frankly some of them have just hated the way their teeth looked… and we’ve been able to help them.

We practice “blame-free dentistry”. You will be listened to without criticism or judgement. There is no need to feel embarrassed about your previous dental visits. We are here to help you, not to make you feel bad. As well as working out what you want your teeth to be like, we know that taking the time and listening to your experiences and concerns about your previous dental visits will allow us to understand things better. 

Then we can be sure to repeat all of the good things from your previous dental visits, the ones that made you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also by learning about the things you found unpleasant or painful we can be sure never to repeat them.

So, if you’re not happy with your smile and want to improve it just click on this link for more information.  

Secondly we will explain things to you in everyday language: the condition of your teeth, why they have developed the problems they have, and what options are available to provide the results you want for your teeth. We will be open and frank and discuss the pros and cons of each treatment as well as give you an estimate of the time needed and the fees involved.

I’ve always made it a habit to practise the golden rule in everything I do… that means I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. It means I would never recommend treatment for you that I wouldn’t do for myself, my partner or family. You will never feel pressured to receive treatment that you do not want.

If you are worried about pain, relax! I have great ways to make your experience as pain free as possible.  Often, when I tell my patients that their treatment is finished they say, “But Dr Wei, it can’t be… I haven’t felt anything yet!” And if that isn’t reassuring enough, you can have some dreamy sedation that absolutely guarantees you won’t feel a thing.