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Q: Why is Wattle Street Dental different?

Our dentists and the team are passionate not just about teeth but also about general health! Dr. Wei spends more than 200 hours per year either interstate or interationally to learn the best technology & techniques to help her patients. We have a holistic approach for your oral health.

We are committed to:  

  • helping you keep your teeth for life.

  • making you our feel confident about your smile - avoiding embarrasment about laughing out loud and other social situations.

  • allowing you to chew food better & easier, so you can break down food properly and absorb more nutrients.

  • working with a team of GPs, Ear Nose & Throat specialists, physiotherapists, osteopaths & nutritionists. Your mouth is attached to a body, so by helping you breathe better, strengthening your immune system & sleeping better, you can experience better overall health and quality of life!

Q: Why do I need to see a hygienist for an hour?

Lots people think Hygienists just clean teeth. This simply isn't true! 

Think about it... You use your mouth more than any other part of your body - eating, drinking, breathing, speaking. So even the best brushers need a clinical hygiene appointment every 6 months to service their mouth and get the most out of their teeth! As we get older, we tend to need even more maintenance of our mouth. 

Gum disease is like having high cholestrol. It often has a few symptoms an only noticed when it gets really severe. Most people only realise they have gum disease when their teeth start to get loose. The hygienist will go through the status of your mouth and make the best recommendations.

When our Hygienists see you, she will:

  • perform an  oral cancer screen - many cancers of the mouth may be hidden on your tongue, cheeks or palate.
  • feel your muscles & jaw joint for pain and tenderness
  • assess your airways
  • check your gums for bleeding & make sure each individual tooth is being held by strong jaw bone. 
  • remove stains caused by coffee, tea & smoking to brighten your smile. If you're interested in professional whitening - we can talk about that too!
  • remove harmful bacteria that sits underneath the gums and causes gum disease.
  • provide information on best techniques, products, tools for maintaining a healthy mouth
  • early detection of any risk factors that may prevent you from experience the best dental health.

Some people might need more care due to genetics, general health (diabetes, sleep apneoa, mouth breathing)  or environment (smoking, pollution, nutrition).   You don't need to be embarrassed if you haven't been for a while! There is never any judgement and our Hygienists are specially trained to use their instruments in the most gentle way possible. 

The first 1 hour visit with a Hygienist is $178. If more extensive management of your teeth &/or gums is needed, the hygienist will let you know beforehand.

 A visit with our Hygienists is more than 'just a clean' because healthy teeth starts with a healthy gums. 

Q: If I lose my teeth, can't I just have dentures? 

Yes of course you can, but that comes at a cost.

Denture is like a prosthetic arm. Lots of people do get used to it and get by. However, there are two problems

  1.  Dentures don't chew food up like teeth. Lots of people have trouble crushing food. If we don't chew food probably, the food can't be combined with digestive enzyme in the mouth first before they reach the guts, and malnutrition can occur. And soft processed mushy food normally have a lot less nutrition and fibres, as a result, people who can only eat soft food can end up malnourished and have worse health

  2. Teeth have little nerve endings inside them. Every time you bite, the nerve impulses send to the brain and stimulate brain. People have no teeth have a lot less neural implant from their mouth, and can be more prone to mental problems later like dementia etc. 

There are better ways to replace missing teeth and we are more than happy to discuss with you. 

Q: What has breathing got to do with teeth?

1, In Children if they have disordered breathing, their nose, sinus, mouth and the whole face tend to grow in a dfferent direction, which make them more prone to sleep apnoea, learning difficulty, myofunctional issues, behaviour issues, and just general growth and development.  Lots of times they end up with crooked teeth and under developed jaws. If treated too late, might even need healthy teeth pulled out and/or surgery. And these children tend to have restless sleep, grinds their teeth, wet their beds, speech problems etc.

2, In Adults, sleep apnoea and sleep disordered breathing make people more prone to compromised immune syste ( in the mouth we see decay, gum disease, ulcers etc), depression, higher risk for cancer, high blood pressure, the list goes on. 

3, Dentists are in one of the best position to check these things as we see people every 6 month, and we look inside their mout hall the time.

Q: Why is it important for children to grow straight teeth? 

Identifying crooked teeth is about more than just looks!  If the teeth don't line up straight, it means the head hasn't grown enough to fit them properly. This lack of growth and development of the cranium can leads to many other issues later on. If we wait until teenage years to correct crooked teeth, the teeth move but not the jaw, because we've stopped growing. 

There is good news! If we catch it before 9 years old, we can do a lot of things to guide the head & jaw to grow the way nature intended and prevnt major health problems. 

We offer free consultations for discussing crooked teeth in young children. GIve us a call! 

Q: Where can I find you?

We are in Cooroy, Noosa Hinterland. We have patients who travel from all over the Sunshine Coast to see us, as they understand we are the best for their dental needs.

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