Braces, Invisalign, Myofunctional, Orthotropics and Alternatives

We run free seminars on early orthodontic treatment regularly. Call 07 5447 7669 to reserve your place. 

The information seminars are aimed to educate and provide more information so the parents can make the best choice for their children to ensure they grow up healthy and happy.

It's obligation free, and free individual assessment can be provided on the same day after the seminar. 

Check our facebook event page for the upcoming seminar.  We run 1-2 times a month and 2 times a week during school holidays. 

Facebook Event page

- Wednesday, 17th of May 2017, 2:50 pm  for a 3:00 pm start.

- Wednesday, 31st of May 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 14th of June 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 5th  of July 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 19th  of July 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 2nd  of August 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 16th  of August 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 30th  of August 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 13th  of September 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 27th  of September 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 11th  of October 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

- Wednesday, 25 th  of October 2017, 3:15 pm  for a 3:30 pm start.

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Tips for parents on how to help kids grow better faces and avoid braces


Interceptive early orthodontic treatment/Nobraces

From as early as 4 years old

Real patient, real result

M is 4 years old. The time line between first and secnd image is 3 month. 

Myofunctional orthodontics/orthopaedics/orthotropics

Myobrace/ Biobloc stage 1 / D gainer ( Damon system )

Sunshine Coast, Noosa Hinterland

Our goal is the incorporation of innovation, knowledge and experience to deliver a higher level of patient well-being. Oral health involves understanding the ultimate relationship between jaw growth, airway physiology, sleep quality and head and neck posture. Breakdown of teeth, excessive wear, jaw joint inflammation and muscular or neurological pain in the head or neck are often signs of the result of the body’s breakdown when compensating for less than ideal growth and development.

Wattle Street Dental examines the patient to determine the causal sequence represented by the problem in question before commencing a treatment program. This approach has proven to deliver a much higher level of care, where head and jaw pain problems are relieved before restorative, orthodontic or surgical procedures are undertaken.

Ortho-Postural Dentistry brings together years of research and understanding from the fields of sports medicine, neurology, orthopaedics, respiratory and whole body physiology and chronic pain treatment. The philosophy is based on rehabilitation of injured tissues, including worn teeth, with a view to restoring optimal function. The system of treatment is based on aligning the skeletal system, which in turn results in a balanced muscular relationship. Minimal wear and stress to the supporting structures is therefore achieved.

Ortho-postural dentistry starts with the developing infant and growing child. A major aim is to correct aberrant myofunctional habits, establishing an ideal breathing pattern and developing jaw bones to their ideal genetic potential. These functions are critical to a child’s physical, emotional, biochemical and aesthetic development.

The body is design to grow ideally, i.e. well-developed maxilla, well positioned mandibles, straight teeth and upright body posture.The tongue has a genetic blue print to grow to a certain predetermined size and so the goal of orthopedics/orthotropics is to make room for the tongue. The mandible is the cradle for the tongue; the maxilla is the garage for the lower jaw. The tongue (and mandible ) will continue to grow into the patients mid 20’s.

Myobrace Centre in Sunshine Coast

M was 8 years old when he started the treatment. He had issues with allergies and mouth breathing. During the treatment, he is getting more space for the permanent teeth coming through, also he was breathing better and sleeping better. Look at his posture, also big improvement with that too. 

Myobrace Centre in Sunshine Coast

C is 9 years old boy. His upper jaw was very deficient, we used different methords to help the upper jaw grow and help with breathing as well. 

Myobrace Centre in Sunshine Coast

J was 8 when he started the treatment. We are 11 month into the treatment. His lower jaw has grown forward a lot since the beginning. His face is looking better and he feels a lot healthier too. 

Myobrace Centre in Sunshine Coast

Olivia started when she was around 8 years old. She was a mouth breather and had a very narrow arch. Since treatment, she could breathe through her nose, and her jaw grew wider for all the adult teeth to come through.  Better faces, less braces.

Fixed braces for teenagers and adults 

Damon system, avoid extraction if possible

It is never too late to have a nice smile

Jane always dreamed of straight teeth, but everyone is saying she needed surgery to have straight teeth. It doesn't need to be! 

She finally straightened her teeth and got them whitened too!  It not only changed the shape of her jaw but also her face! She can't stop smiling. 

What she had done?  Fixed braces upper and lower and whitening/bleaching. 

Do you want to see what can be done with your teeth? Give us a call on 07 5447 7669. 


Invisible braces that no one can see. Invisalign

Don't want to wear metal braces?

You can have invisalign! Have your teeth straightened and no one will ever know. 

Give us a call for a consult: 07 5447 7669.

It's not just straight teeth

We also help our kids develop good faces and airways, and have a healthier and happy life. We are based in Cooroy, Noosa Hinterland.  Parents travel from all over Sunshine Coast to see us. We have patients coming from Cooroy, Eumundi, Pomona, Noosa, Tewantin, Bli Bli, Coolum Beach, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Beach, Maroochydore, Yandina, Gympie etc. People travel for the best dental treatment and to see the dentists they love. 

Dr Wei is not a specialist orthodontist, but she has done years of continuing education in the orthodontic/orthopaedic fields and loves improving people's quality of life.