Not happy with your smile and want to improve it.

A new smile can give you confidence

Anthony was very conscious of his teeth in the past. He didn't feel like smiling after his teeth were wearing away. After thinking about doing something for years, finally he decided to go ahead with treatment with Dr Wei Shen because he was happy with the treatment options and payment plan. 

What he had done: Full arch high quality ceramic crowns and veneers to restore his bite and smile.

You can get your smile too. Give us a call on 07 5447 7669. 

A new smile can change your life.

Lyn was very embarrassed about her smile for many years. She feels a lot younger and happier after her dental work here at Wattle Street Dental. After she had the dental work done, she wished she had it done a lot earlier. 

What she had done: Full arch high quality ceramic crowns and veneers to restore his bite and smile.

You can get your smile too. Give us a call on 07 5447 7669

A new smile can give you confidence

Ross was very embarrassed about her smile for many years And he is terrified with dental treatment. 

What he had done: Full arch high quality ceramic crowns and veneers on the top teeth to improve the smile. 

You can get your smile too. Give us a call on 07 5447 7669

A new smile can give you confidence

Robin didn't like his teeth were getting worn and yellow. His back teeth were also start to break down and there were a lot of food that he couldn't eat. He wanted a natural white smile and be able to eat whatever he wants.

What he had done: Full arch high quality ceramic crowns and veneers on the top teeth to improve the smile and he can eat whatever he wants now without worrying about breaking his teeth.

You can get your smile too. Give us a call on 07 5447 7669

Not happy with your smile and want to improve it?

Personally I’ve always believed that the first thing people see is your smile, why not fix that first! If you’re reading this then you probably think that way too.

You see, when your smile isn’t right, the rest of you just won’t look or feel right. But when you‘ve got beautiful straight, white teeth, and a dazzling smile, it’s amazing how young you look and how great you feel… the years just disappear!

Many people tell me that they wish they had come to see me earlier. They tell me that they had simply learnt to hide their smiles, were embarrassed or unable to laugh freely. It’s been my absolute privilege to transform their smile in as few as two treatment visits. And what a difference it has made to their lives! It’s restored their self-confidence and they’ve been able to smile broadly and laugh again with no inhibitions.

So, if you’re in Cooroy, Noosa or anywhere in the hinterland and are thinking about cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile first step is to call my office to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

Cosmetic dentistry is simply dental treatment that improves the position, the shape, the colour or the contour of your teeth and possibly your gums… it’s really about giving you a smile you’ll love!

And I can design whatever look you want for your teeth. I can replace silver fillings with almost invisible white ones, whiten or reshape teeth with veneers or crowns to enhance their appearance, replace missing teeth with bridges or implants, and straighten them to close spaces or minimize gaps.

With a passion for cosmetic dentistry, I spend much of my time helping people to get the look they want. Often, when people are thinking of having cosmetic surgery like liposuction or a tummy tuck, it may pay to start first with their teeth instead. A great smile makes a world of difference to the face! 

What is a cosmetic dentist?

Dr. David A. Hall, a retired accredited cosmetic dentist explains it this way…

“Everyone that graduates from dental school is a general dentist, and most of them also claim to be cosmetic dentists. But there is a great difference and it’s quite simple because cosmetic dentistry is not a legally recognized specialty. This means that there is no restriction on a dentist saying that they are a cosmetic dentist.”

Aesthetic porcelain restorations, implant dentistry, smile design and gum height manipulation are simply not taught at the universities nor is the manipulation of materials and use of modern equipment such as cerec machines and dental lasers. Learning how to do cosmetic dentistry properly requires extensive extra training that can take years. It means a heavy commitment of time, money and energy for a dentist and their team.

As a cosmetic dentist

I am confident that I have the “know-how” in cosmetic dentistry. I have dedicated hundreds of hours in continuing education both in Australia and abroad to keep up to date with the latest in technology, materials, and the latest techniques. 
I continue to travel frequently throughout Australia and overseas to keep to up-to-date with what’s happening in dentistry to make sure that I can provide state of the art care. 

That training has helped me in diagnosing and delivering options that give my patients the results they want. I have the qualification to use a wide range of techniques and materials to help me achieve results that look great and work well. 

I also team with the best laboratories to produce beautiful teeth, so that when they are in your mouth, all you will experience is a beautiful, natural and stunning smile that looks and feels great. 

What is involved in getting a dream smile?

Smile Design - Initially, I will sit down with you to discover your goals for your dream smile. I then go to work to design a smile that suits your image aspirations, facial shape, and your age… or the age you want to be! 

See the result before we start! - Working closely together with you, I design and create a picture of your new smile, on models of your teeth and with pictures, adding all the character and individuality to your smile that makes you, YOU! You will see your new smile unfold before we even touch a single tooth!

Transformation - With all the prior planning, you can have your new smile with as few as two treatment visits. It’s virtually painless and if you are really worried or nervous you can have sedation which almost lets you dreamily enjoy the experience and even better, you remember very little afterwards and wake up with a brand new smile!

A beautiful smile wins!

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey once had her audience rate which cosmetic procedure made the most difference. A beautiful smile came out way above any other cosmetic procedure simply because of the years it took off and the image of confidence and self-assurance it gave people.

A word about teeth whitening

There’s been increasing awareness about tooth whitening ever since those makeover shows on television made people aware of it. Many people have had their teeth whitened and have been disappointed with the result. Others have heard about these less than satisfactory results and have held off having their teeth whitened.
I offer two very effective tooth whitening treatments… what do you use ZOOM in office treatment and Home Teeth Whitening.
Zoom - Safe and highly effective, Zoom is an in office tooth whitening treatment that takes just over an hour to complete using state of the art technology. Teeth are lightened from six to 10 shades as a safe light source in the blue spectrum accelerates the activity of a special whitening gel.
Zoom delivers lighter, brighter more attractive smiles quickly, painlessly and safely. It’s so convenient!
Home Teeth Whitening - If you prefer to do the whitening yourself, I will prepare personalised whitening trays that snugly fit your teeth.
Then in the comfort of your home you simply fill the trays with the whitening gel, fit them over your teeth and wear them for 30 to 60 minutes a day.