10 Reasons to take your young toddler to Wattle Street Dental. By Rosi

Guidelines recommend taking your child for their first check-up 6 months after they get their first tooth! Trust us, it’s easier than you think…

Here are 10 reasons why you should take your young toddler to the dentists at Wattle Street Dental. We love a holistic approach.


1. For a positive experience

Check-ups at the dentist should be as simple as getting a haircut. When a child gets checked early there is a higher likelihood that the visit will be straightforward and easy.  In the unfortunate case that your child does develop a cavity and require treatment, they’ll already be familiar with the environment and the lovely people. After one great visit, kids are usually excited to return!


2. Detecting cavities early

Primary (deciduous) teeth don’t feel pain the same way adult teeth do. Often there is no warning or pain before a cavity is very large. If you spot a cavity in your child’s teeth, it’s probably much bigger than you think. The earlier the damage is detected, the more simple and painless the fix will be!


3. Breastfeeding advice

The tongue is the architect of the mouth and its first major project is breastfeeding. If breastfeeding is difficult for you or your baby, we can point you in the right direction for proper help. Our skilled staff can review your child for the presence of a tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) and treat it if needed.


4. Preventing crooked teeth

Have those first few teeth come through looking strange? Even at a young age, we can assess how likely the teeth are to be crooked. There are many simple options to help correct this in toddlers and we can help you get their teeth back on track.


5. Diet advice

Fussy eater? Sweet Tooth? We’ll guide you through the traps of hidden sugars, potential causes for fussy eating and the best foods for growing strong teeth and healthy jaws. Many foods and habits that are marketed as being “healthy” actually aren’t and we can help identify these traps before they become problems.


6. Brushing tips

Many kids don’t like brushing their teeth or won’t let their parents help them. We’ll identify the areas that may need more work and recommend products and/or tricks to help you get your kids excited about brushing time!


7. Preparing for adult teeth

Baby teeth are important, not only for smiling, eating and talking, but they are placeholders for the adult teeth. A decayed baby tooth that needs to be removed could have serious consequences. Such as causing an overcrowded mouth or needing braces later on.


8. Check what they’re sucking on

common sucking habits like the dummy, bottle or thumb might be preventing your child from developing properly. While these habits seem very cute, they do cause the muscles to act incorrectly causing improper development of the face and jaw.


9. Review their sleep

Whether it be ‘snoring like daddy’ or the ‘cute drooling’, these could be clues that your child might not be having the quality sleep they need to grow & manage their behaviour correctly.


10. It’s fun!

At Wattle Street Dental, our Oral Health Therapists are trained to particularly treat kids… and they love it!



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