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Welcome to Wattle Street Dental, Cooroy

Wattle Street Dental is owned and operated by Dr Wei Shen, an experienced dentist with over a decade of experience in the industry. Dr Shen purchased the clinic in 2013 after moving to the Sunshine Coast’s Cooroy for a change in lifestyle. Over the past five years, we have expanded our range of services, providing a comprehensive dental service for the whole family. Visit our about us page to learn more about Wattle Street Dental.

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Our Sunshine Coast dental clinic is specifically designed to provide a calming environment and we are constantly re-investing in the latest technology to ensure that our procedures and processes are as fast and long-lasting as possible.

Snoring man problem.

Sleep Apnoea

Our team of experienced professionals can work with you to determine if you have sleep apnoea and create a tailored treatment plan to help you.

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My Dady and Me

Tongue Tie

Tongue tie in children and infants can cause eating, jaw development and speech development problems as well as jaw and muscle issues. If left untreated, the issues can lead to dental problems, swallowing probems, gum recession, head and neck pain as well as sleep apnoea in adults.

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Funny and happy little girl in a dental surgery with big smile.

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The secrets to optimal oral health from birth to beyond.

What are the secrets, you might ask? As you read the headline, you might be thinking the usual boring dentist stuff like fluoride, milk, cheese, no sugar etc. You are completely wrong. To achieve optimal dental health…

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