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Wattle Street Dental, Cooroy provide Sunshine Coast sleep apnoea treatment and services. Did you know over 40% of the population aged 60 over have sleep apnoea?  Sleep apnoea problems can range in severity but can often lead to long-term health problems such as strokes , heart attack, diabetes, depression or insomnia. Our team of experienced professionals can work with you to determine if your apnoea is caused by a dental, frenulum or related issue and create a tailored treatment plan to help you.

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Importance of Sleep Apnoea Prevention:

Sleep apnoea is a condition whereby you stop breathing during sleep, preventing flow of oxygen to the brain for short periods. It’s incredibly common among older adults, with prevalence estimated to be up to 50% depending on age and gender. Often, sleep apnoea is either not recognised or simply diagnosed as ‘mild’ and therefore not worth treating. The problem with this is that sleep apnoea has drastic effects on your long-term health, and mild sleep apnoea can be easily treatment with an oral appliance and prevent it become severe sleep apnoea.

Failing to treat sleep apnoea can result in:

  • Shorter lifespan
  • Strokes
  • Increased hypertension headaches
  • Insomnia

Sleep apnoea is prevalent amongst snorers and is a common cause for morning headaches and general drowsiness throughout the day.

Comprehensive Sleep Apnoea Solutions

There are many ways that sleep apnoea symptoms can be caused, and we’re incredibly diligent in our analysis to ensure no time and money is wasted in effectively treating your apnoea. Sometimes, after a consultation and review of x-rays and the mouth, we may find it necessary to refer your problem to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Many sleep apnoea issues are caused by dental problems, but sometimes there’s nasal problems that may need further attention from a different specialist.

Tongue Tie Treatment:

One common procedure to remove the symptoms of sleep apnoea is to treat tongue tie. The tongue tie, or frenulum, usually develops to allow for proper placement of the tongue behind your top row of teeth, against the roof of your mouth. However, when this doesn’t occur, a number of symptoms can persist, including:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Drooling
  • Improper jaw alignment
  • Lisp and speaking problems

Mouth breathing is a common cause of sleep apnoea and if you’ve ever found yourself dribbling when you wake up or often wake up with a headache, this is a sign that you may have mild sleep apnoea. If you have difficulties placing your tongue in the correct spot comfortably, can’t place your tongue outside of the lip, or have trouble swallowing, it is possible that your apnoea is caused by a restrictive tongue tie. Treatment results in little pain and is quite easy to perform. See our page on tongue tie release for more information.

Sleep Apnoea Treatment

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