General Consultations

Sunshine Coast Children’s Dentist

Wattle Street Dental employ Oral Health Therapists who are specifically trained in treating infants, children and teenagers. Our team carries a firm belief in stopping dental problems early on to improve jaw development for your children. We also do our best to make the surrounding environment as comfortable and non-intimidating as possible to instill confidence in future dental visits. Our goal is for your kids to have a positive experience every time!

Please give us a call on 07 54477669 to discuss our children’s dental services in more detail.

Comprehensive Check-ups:

As experienced dentists and oral hygiene professionals, we understand that poor tooth health comes down to a lot more than dentist visits and teeth cleaning. We care about the long-term oral health of your kids rather than relying on fillings and procedures to fix problems as they occur. With every oral health check up on children, we’re focused on ensuring that any undesirable habits are being stopped at the start.

Things we look at and inquire about include:

  • Jaw development
  • Sleep habits – is there snoring or grinding?
  • Mouth breathing habits
  • Infant feeding habits
  • Biting habits and alignment
  • Thumb-sucking

We’ll obviously look at cleaning habits, but it’s also important to consider your children’s oral health in a holistic approach to minimise problems, costs and discomfort further down the line. Professional, Tailored Advice:

We’re here to provide tailored and professional advice, and to answer any questions you’ve got about your child’s oral health. For example, one common misconception is that baby tooth health isn’t of huge concern, because they just fall out anyway. This is untrue; having baby teeth fall out prematurely via tooth decay can cause crowding out and tooth development problems when adult teeth start to come in.

Our team are here to help, and we encourage all parents to ask us as many questions as possible, no matter how complex or mundane, to ensure healthy teeth for their children. If you’d like to better understand the complexities of some of the dental problems your child may be facing, we’ve got a small library of helpful books that parents are free to borrow and return.

baby cleaning teeth and smiling, isolated on white background

Toddler Dental Check-up:

Bring your infant in for a fun little sit down with our Oral Health Therapists; we’ll do a quick check up of your child to ensure everything is going ahead as planned. If you’d like, we can even do this when you’re in for a check-up or clean on your own teeth! Children should have a check-up 6 months after their first tooth grows.

Sunshine Coast Children’s Dentist

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