Early Childhood Interceptive Dental Programs
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Sunshine Coast Interceptive Dental Programs

Wattle Street Dental provide comprehensive early childhood interceptive dental programs on the Sunshine Coast. We understand the importance of early dental intervention and offer a range of tailored interceptive programs for children to prevent common dental problems from occurring. Having straight teeth with no breathing, speaking or eating problems ensures a comfortable development into adulthood without expensive dental surgery further down the track.

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Jaw Development:

For many parents, misaligned jaw development during childhood can seem like a case of genetics, and to an extent this is true. However, it is possible to intercept problems early on to prevent alignment and tooth development issues down the track. Unlike later in life, jaw development and mouth structure can be easily changed without surgery during childhood. Things like overbites, crooked teeth, crowded mouths and nasal breathing problems can be addressed in a number of ways, including physical and behavioural adjustments, such as:

  • Changing breathing behaviour
  • Changing eating habits
  • Myobrace
  • Inserting plates
  • Braces

Eating and oral health behaviour plays a big part in jaw and teeth development. By stopping problems before they begin, your children will be off to a great start in ensuring comfortable, healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime. During a consultation, we’ll discuss dietary and cleaning habits as well as take a thorough analysis of your child’s mouth to identify areas that can be improved.

Simple things like encouraging breathing through the nose with proper use of the diaphragm ensures that teeth and jawlines develop properly. It’s important to remember that braces do a fantastic job of straightening teeth, but they don’t address the reason why teeth are like that in the first place, and a two-step solution with behavioural alterations plus physical alterations (such as braces or plates) is a better way to address crooked teeth problems.


Myobrace is a removable device that corrects mouth breathing habits, ensures arches develop properly and that teeth are aligned correctly. Don’t be put off by the name; Myobrace does not require physical bracing as it is meant to correct behaviours before adult teeth come through. After Myobrace treatment is done, we use retainers to keep the teeth aligned properly and assess after adult teeth have come through whether bracing will be necessary. For more information on Myobrace treatment, read our page about Myobraces to see if they’d be right for your child.


If all of the above has been corrected properly, braces is largely unnecessary other than to ensure perfect, straight teeth for cosmetic reasons. Once all adult teeth have come through, we’ll assess whether your child’s teeth would benefit from braces. To learn more about the bracing options we have available, visit our page on braces.

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Sunshine Coast Interceptive Dental Programs

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