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Sunshine Coast Teeth Straightening Services

Wattle Street Dental provides Sunshine Coast teeth straightening services for the whole family including adults. We have an experienced team of almost 20 staff including qualified dentists, oral hygienists and customer service staff all based at our Cooroy clinic.


We offer all our clients:


  • Options to suit most budgets
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Free whitening at the end of braces treatment
  • Relaxing environment
  • Payment plans available


We perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing teeth to ensure the right solution for your teeth is chosen. In addition to tailoring a solution for the layout of your teeth, we’ll look at oral health practices that could further improve outcomes, such as your cleaning habits, breathing habits and more. We care about the long-term health of your teeth and provide solutions to minimise pain and discomfort.


Traditional Braces

Our Damon brace solutions use ceramic or metal brackets on each of your teeth to gradually straighten them. Our braces use CuNiTi (Copper-chromium-nickel-titanium) wire, which improves the efficiency of treatments and reduces some of the initial pain felt immediately after installation. CuNiTi wire has the benefit of reducing tension under cold temperatures. One popular way our patients relieve some of the initial pain is to occasionally wash their mouth with icy cold water.




Invisalign uses a clear removable mould, designed to be worn for most of the day, which gradually straightens and aligns teeth. Invisalign is a perfect stealth solution for those who want to improve their teeth without the look of braces. Moulds get replaced every few weeks as your teeth shift, and treatment periods are usually shorter, but this ultimately depends on your teeth and how often the mould is worn.


With all the great things that Invisalign can do, it’s important to consider that it isn’t the best solution for everyone. Patients requiring extensive re-alignment and shifting of the root are often better suited to traditional braces. If we establish Invisalign isn’t the best solution for your teeth, there are still some stealthy ways to partially hide your braces, such as through clear ceramic brackets on a wired installation.



Braces for Children:

Most procedures are generally less invasive, painful and costly when performed early on. One option available to younger children is the Myobrace system, which doesn’t require any fixed bracing. Instead, Myobrace is an orthodontic appliance encouraging nose breathing and other habits that improve jaw development and keep teeth straight.


Nervous Patients:

Naturally, some patients get nervous about the thought of going to the dentist, and we do our best to accommodate your needs and create a relaxing environment that you can feel comfortable coming to. If this means putting on Netflix or TV on the monitor above, or stopping for breaks, that’s what we’ll do. Our friendly team love a chat and we’ll do everything we can to take your mind off the dental procedure and instil confidence.


Sunshine Coast Dentistry and Teeth Straightening

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Comfortable Environment:

We understand that going to the dentist can be a daunting experience for many children and even some adults. To counteract this, our dental office environment is upbeat and friendly, and we do as much as we can to minimise the scariness of dental work for children. Some of the things we do to make the dental experience more enjoyable for children include:


  • Ceiling-mounted TV with their choice of show
  • Friendly clinicians who take the time to get to know your child
  • Taking breaks throughout procedures to ask how they’re feeling
  • Nitrous Oxide (happy gas)
  • Essential oil diffusion to remove the “dental smell”


We pride ourselves on making dental procedures as gentle as possible. This is especially important when working with children to instill confidence in going to the dentist and keeping their teeth clean. Naturally, all fillings and restorations come with a numbing agent unless requested otherwise.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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