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Sunshine Coast Myobrace Provider

Wattle St Dental are skilled dental professionals providing Sunshine Coast Myobrace treatments, improving early jaw development. Dr Wei Shen has learned the principles of myofunctional dentistry from two experts in the field, Dr German Ramirez-Yanez and Dr John Flutter, and understands how to safely and comfortably address key early behaviour problems that cause speaking, breathing and swallowing problems in children.

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Why Use Myobrace?

Myobrace orthodontic appliances look like mouthguard. Despite being ‘braces’, they aren’t fixed like traditional braces and are recommended to be used before adult teeth develop. Myobrace ensures the full potential of your child’s jaw development is realised. Jaw development and mouth structure can be easily changed or trained without surgery in children – this becomes more difficult as they become older. While jaw composure does have a lot to do with genetics, it is possible to intercept problems early on to prevent alignment problems and tooth development problems down the track.

The first two stages of a Myobrace treatment focus on gum and jaw alignment. This mitigates breathing, speaking, sleeping and cosmetic problems later in life. It also reduces the chance of sleep apnoea or diseases caught by breathing through the mouth.

How Myobrace Works

Myobrace treatments have four stages:

  1. Habit correction: This involves making sure the tongue is placed in the correct spot (loosely placed behind the top row of teeth, against the palate), ensuring breathing through the nose and correct swallowing practices. Habit correction also makes sure that the lips are closed when not eating or speaking, whilst the two rows of teeth are still separated. Problems like overbites and open mouths are removed at this stage.
  2. Arch development: During this stage, orthodontic appliances are used over time to align the two rows of teeth correctly and widen the arches to a shape that will accommodate the tongue and all teeth comfortably. Having this done early prevents overcrowding of teeth, breathing problems and discomfort placing the tongue in the correct spot.
  3. Dental alignment: As the last adult teeth are developing, the Myobrace for Teens aligns teeth into their proper place. This does require wearing the Myobrace throughout the day and while sleeping, and for some patients, traditional bracing may be a better suited option.
  4. Retainment: Just like a fixed bracing procedure, teeth are held in place with retainers after a Myobrace treatment to keep them looking and feeling great for longer. Retainers are removable and usually only require use at night time.

Professional, Friendly Environment:

Our dental office environment is upbeat and friendly, and we do as much as we can to minimise the pain and scariness of dental work for children. The Myobrace technology doesn’t require a fixed brackets like traditional braces, but we still work closely with your children to ensure they aren’t at all intimidated by them. If you’d like to learn more about the importance of early jaw development for your children, we’re more than happy to lend you some books on the subject to improve awareness.

Sunshine Coast Myobrace Treatment

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