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Cooroy Dental Consultation Services

Wattle Street Dental provide Cooroy dental consultation services at our Cooroy clinic, providing solutions for a range of oral health issues. Our friendly team look beyond the symptoms to provide holistic solutions that improve your long-term health within a budget you’re comfortable with. We’ve got state-of-the-art equipment and experienced dentists, ensuring that we’re able to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Our initial consultations aren’t tacked on with any extras. For the price we charge, we offer up to an hour of discussions with the dentist, and if further discussions are required, such as a consultation on braces after an x-ray, we provide an extra half hour of free consultation later.

Give us a call on 07 54477669 to speak to one of our friendly staff about our consultations or book one online.

Holistic Dental Solutions:

We’re a little different from other Cooroy dentists in that we look beyond simple check-ups, cleaning and filling. Instead, our consultations look at your greater oral health and outcomes expected from the different kinds of dental intervention available to you. Our patients are amazed at the different kinds of behavioural and surgical interventions that can be made to address common oral problems that are sometimes just taken for granted.

We sit down with you and discuss what you’d like from your teeth and raise any concerns after taking a thorough analysis. From there, we design oral health solutions that keep your teeth looking great and feeling comfortable within budget. We’re equipped with the experience and facilities necessary to tackle complex dental problems including:

  • Sleep apnoea
  • Replacing dental amalgam mercury
  • Tongue tie / Lip Tie
  • Crooked teeth
  • TMJ dysfunction / Snoring
  • Mouth breathing
  • Tooth sensitivity issues
  • Tooth decay

If symptoms present themselves, we’ll also test for other serious oral health problems that require referral to medical doctors, such as oral cancer, muscle palpitations plus oral conditions picked up via a saliva test. Give us a call on 07 54477669 or book an appointment online to see our friendly team.

Comforting Environment:

When you have a chat with one of our dentists, you’ll be able to see how much care we put into making our dental offices a comforting environment for patients. If you’ve had bad experiences at the dentist before, we encourage you to air any grievances and make special requests so we can make your treatment much more comfortable.

Things we do for our patients include:

  • Stopping for breaks during procedures
  • Putting Netflix on the monitor up above
  • Chatting with you to keep your mind off the procedure
  • Using happy gas or twilight surgery for nervous patients
  • Essential oil diffusion

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