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Sunshine Coast Braces

Wattle Street Dental provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive and affordable dentistry services on the Sunshine Coast. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists who specialise in correcting alignment issues with children’s teeth using braces. Book an initial consultation at our Cooroy clinic to discuss the range options that are available – call 07 54477669.

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Available Brace Options:

We use Damon braces with CuNiTi wire to minimise pain and speed up the treatment process. In our experience, we’ve found Damon braces to be fantastic for children and adult brace treatments. They don’t require elastic loops and there’s a lot less friction, resulting in less pain.

Brace bracket options include:

  • Coloured ceramic
  • Clear ceramic
  • Metal

Generally, coloured ceramic is a popular choice amongst children, and having the option for a colour change each time brackets are changed is a great, albeit small way to make the experience a bit more exciting.

Other options available include Invisalign braces, which are clear aligners that look similar to retainers, designed to adjust teeth more discretely. Alternatively, if treating dental problems early on, we can tackle alignment problems before adult teeth even start to appear with the Myobrace system. Myobrace doesn’t require fixed braces at all and by ensuring proper tongue placement and nose breathing, better jaw development and alignment is achieved in childhood.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan:

At the consultation, we’ll perform an extensive evaluation of your child’s teeth, taking plenty of measurements and photos before putting together a plan to show you at the second visit. Existing patients of ours get free access to the consultation within a month of their last visit. X-rays will need to be obtained between the two visits, and we’re happy to refer you to a trusted local radiographer.

From there, we’ll have our second visit with some quotes on different treatment options available, plus an outline of some of the retainer options available. Many patients prefer fixed retainers, but depending on the structure of the jaw, perfectly aligned teeth may chip away at the top adhesive. Removable retainers are available in such scenarios, which are clear pieces of acrylic moulded perfectly to fit your teeth for wear at night time.

Preventing Pain:

We pride ourselves on making the dental procedure less painful and intimidating for our patients, especially children, as it encourages better dental health practices throughout life. Although braces don’t hurt while equipped, they can certainly hurt just after the installation. Braces don’t usually start hurting until a few hours after the installation procedure and the pain can persist for a couple days after the procedure. We’ve begun using a special type of wire called CuNiTi (Copper-chromium-nickel-titanium) in brace installations. In addition to treatment efficiency benefits, it has the added benefit of removing some of the initial pain.

Previously, dentists recommended chewing gum to keep the blood flowing around the gums, but with this new type of wire, the tension can be softened with cold temperatures. After the installation, we’ll recommend a number of ways to mitigate the initial pain, but one popular way to minimise pain is to wash icy cold water in the mouth in the initial days after installation.

Sunshine Coast Braces

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