Hygiene (Scale & Clean) Visit
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Hygiene Appointments

The hygiene department at Wattle Street Dental provide a range of services including general scale and clean visits to treating gum disease. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive oral hygiene evaluations which focus on preventative measures. Our team do their best to make the entire process less intimidating for nervous patients, encouraging good oral hygiene habits for a lifetime.

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Comprehensive Hygiene Assessment:

Our Oral Hygienists are incredibly thorough in their work, performing fantastic analysis of your teeth and gums to prevent problems in the long-term. In addition to giving you that amazing freshly-cleaned feeling, they’ll ensure there’s no visible problems, such as filling cracks, cavities or tooth decay. Getting your teeth cleaned regularly is a great opportunity to discuss cleaning habits and stop bad behaviours, such as hard abrasive brushing, before they become serious issues.

We extend our general advice beyond the basic, because we care about the long-term comfort and health of your teeth. While inspecting and cleaning, we’ll evaluate the surrounding oral environment of your mouth to identify problem areas that are going unnoticed. For example, mouth breathing causes dried out areas of the mouth, resulting in bacteria problems, and if treated early, expensive dental procedures could be mitigated later in life.

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