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About Wattle Street Dental

Wattle St Dental is a Cooroy dental practice, providing high quality dental services in the Cooroy area with modern facilities and a comfortable environment. We provide comprehensive oral health and cosmetic solutions tailored to suit the individual. We find the best solutions for our clients to minimise future discomfort and expensive dental complications, and our dentists are continually learning innovative ways to treat common oral health problems from dental experts worldwide. See more about our team, their qualifications and experience.

Wattle St Dental is owned and operated by Dr Wei Shen, an experienced dentist with over a decade in practice since graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2008. Dr Wei acquired Wattle St. Dental in Cooroy for a change of lifestyle in 2013 and in the time since, Wattle St has expanded to a team of nearly 20  members including oral hygienists, dentists and friendly service staff.

We work with all health funds, provide bulk billing for children under the CDBS scheme and offer interest-free payment plans for selected procedures. Give us a call on 07 54477669 to speak to our friendly team about our services or book in an appointment online.

Wattle St Dental Staff

Wattle St Dental Staff

State of the Art Equipment:

We use the latest innovative dental technology to produce the most comfortable, high quality results for our patients. Single crowns and ceramic fillings, which used to take up to two weeks to install, can now be performed on the same day thanks to our in-house 3D scanning and milling equipment. We’re always on the forefront of technology, providing our patients with the least invasive and most accurate dental procedures possible.

Comfortable Environment

We understand that going to the dentist can be an intimidating process for many, and we do our best to accommodate your needs. Some of the things we do to make the procedure more comfortable and less intimidating include:

  • Putting Netflix or TV up on the monitor
  • Stopping for breaks
  • Having a chat to keep your mind off the procedure
  • Using happy gas or twilight sedation
  • Essential oil diffusion

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Holistic Approach to Oral Health:

It is our ultimate aim to instil good oral health habits and provide holistic solutions that focus on better long-term outcomes. An example of this is our early childhood interceptive dentistry program, where we identify problem areas, such as bad oral health behaviour, tongue ties and mouth breathing that are likely to cause expensive and uncomfortable dental problems further down the track if left untreated.

From there, we develop plans and comfortable solutions designed to improve future oral health outcomes, including the use of Myobrace. The results have been amazing, with a noticeable reduction in the need for braces for our patients later in life, with more confidence overall. This is just one of the many areas of our practice that focuses on holistic approaches for better outcomes, rather than simply providing short-term solutions to fix the symptoms.

We also screen for sleep apnoea and treat sleep apnoea if patients can’t use CPAC machine with mandibular reposition device.

We use biocompatible materials for fillings and we remove amalgam with SMART ( Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique ) to ensure patient and staff safety.

We provider complementary oral cancer check, TMJ examination, salivary test as part of our comprehensive examination.

And we work closely with functional doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, lactation consultants and speech pathologists.

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